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31 printable positivity cards

31 Printable Positivity Cards

These pretty printable positivity cards are perfect for your DIY positivity jar, planner or to stick where you'll see them. They help to remind you that you are capable and enough and are a way for you to connect with who you want to be. It's not always easy to practice positive self-talk so I created 31 printable positivity cards so you have one for every day of the month. There are lots of ways to use these. Color them to be an expression of you, cut them out, and stick them anywhere a daily dose of positivity is needed.

500x500 How to make a self-soothe kit Ad

Self-soothing kit inspiration

The very definition of self-soothing is to do something for yourself to make yourself feel better when you feel upset or scared. Self-soothing can help you to feel safer, calmer, grounded, and more relaxed. Self-soothing looks different for everyone and may even look different for you from one day to the next. When folks engage in healthy ways to self-soothe the benefits can be reduced stress, improved immune system, better relationships, and overall quality of life. So, grab your list of 80 items for all 5 senses, spiritual inspiration, and some extra ideas, and start taking care of yourself.

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Get your mindfulness how to

Use its mind-calming ability to improve your focus, relax your mind, reduce stress and anxiety. Mindfulness is about being able to stay present and attentive to the moment. This is how you free yourself from unhealthy patterns that you have been engaging in. By becoming aware of the pattern and choosing to take action - not out of frustration or fear but out of compassion and understanding. And recognizing that this is the pattern that needs to be changed.