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How to love yourself - 27 tips from a therapist

How to Love Yourself: 27 Self-Love tips from a Therapist

Loving yourself is hard, but it’s something that everyone wants to do. We all know that loving ourselves is important, but how can we actually go about doing this? If you’re like most people, then you’ve probably struggled with self-love for a long time and have tried dozens of different ways to make yourself feel better. The good news is that you can do some simple things every day to help build your sense of self-worth. This post provides 27 tips on how to love yourself written by a therapist who has helped many clients learn how to love themselves more deeply over the years.


People Pleasers Guide To Setting Boundaries.

Boundaries can best be described as imaginary lines that separate you from other people.  These are guidelines, rules, or limits that you create to separate your identity and worth from others.  Your boundaries convey how others can treat you.  What is okay and what is not okay.  And what you will and will not tolerate.  And I imagine that there are people you respect because of their ability to set boundaries.  They’re not afraid to say no, and they do it in a way that you admire and wish you could do for yourself.