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Discovering Yourself

50+ Best Therapeutic Journal Writing Prompts for Mental Health

The biggest difference in therapeutic journaling from just keeping a personal journal is therapeutic journaling focuses more on thoughts, feelings, and insights. The way we talk to ourselves influences our levels of happiness and success. But, unfortunately, it also influences our levels of unhappiness and lack of success.

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Cognitive Disotrtions

Overcoming Disqualifying the Positive (A Cognitive Distortion)

You unreasonably tell yourself that positive things that you experience for some reason do not count and are dismissed. Perhaps they are dismissed because you tell yourself it was due to luck, the stars were aligned that day, or it was too easy and so should not count.

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Cognitive Disotrtions

Overcoming Overgeneralization (A Cognitive Distortion)

Making a broad conclusion based on a single negative event as “proof” of never-ending negativity or failure. For instance, believing after something bad happens once that it’ll just keep happening again and again. As a direct result, this pattern in your mind then becomes “proof” of never-ending defeat or failure.

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