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Personal Growth & Development

How to Evaluate your Life and Change it if Needed

Sometimes we experience a moment of awareness that has us stop and evaluate the way things are going. Whether it’s a thought, an emotion, or the realization that you possess a spirit that won’t settle, at some point, we experience the need to stop and evaluate.     

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Cognitive Disotrtions

The Fallacy of Change (A Cognitive Distortion)

When you’re unhappy, your first instinct might be to think that the people around you are the source of your problems.
And therefore, they need to change in order for you to feel better about yourself. This is a cognitive distortion called “The Fallacy of Change,” and believes that everyone needs to change except us to remain happy. And can cause problems in relationships and friendships when we feel like someone is trying to force us to change.

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Discovering Yourself

How to protect yourself from [Emotional] Vampires

Emotional vampires feed on your willingness to listen and care for them.  They drain you of your emotional and psychological energy, leaving you exhausted, overwhelmed, and well… drained.  Whether or not they feed on others for their own emotional energy to make them feel better or add to their long list of woes depends on the vampire. 

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Cognitive Disotrtions

The Fallacy of Fairness (A Cognitive Distortion)

The Fallacy of Fairness is a cognitive distortion in which you believe that things should be fair, and if they aren’t, it’s not your fault.

If you’re someone who has the belief that life should be fair, then this article may help you understand how to think about fairness in a more realistic way.

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Cognitive Disotrtions

Heaven’s Reward Fallacy (A Cognitive Distortion)

Do you ever feel like the universe is punishing you? That no matter how much you sacrifice, that outcome you desire still won’t come? Do you find yourself expecting Karma or some other divine force to repay you for your good deeds and immediately?
You’re not alone. In fact, a lot of people think that way. But it turns out that this thinking pattern is called “Heaven’s Reward Fallacy,” which negatively impacts your life in many ways.

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Cognitive Disotrtions

Control Fallacy (A Cognitive Distortion)

In a nutshell, when we think that everything in our life is due to factors inside or outside of our control, we experience a lot of negative emotions. When we believe that something or someone has power over us and our lives, or we believe we hold that type of power over others, it’s called a Control Fallacy.

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