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Hello and Welcome!

I’m Heather.

I am a licensed therapist here in the South and the creator of Courageous and Mindful.  I created this site to help folks become the person they are striving to be through self-discovery.  Learn the benefits of Mindfulness by connecting with your body while on your personal growth and development journey.

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My Story

I came into the mental health field in 2015.  Since then, I have worked with a variety of folks in a variety of settings.  Ranging from inpatient settings to outpatient settings to intensive outpatient settings.  I have worked with folks that struggled with substances to those that struggled with psychosis, and everything else in between. 

I get how stressful life can be, and sometimes we are dealt a set of cards that we don’t know what to do with. 

I spent many years of my own life holding myself back from the things that I truly wanted to do because I was letting life happen to me instead of for me.  I was passively living my life because I didn’t know how to take action and make life happen for me, even with all of my education. 

Eventually, I decided to do my own work and learn why I have been holding myself back.  I used a combination of self-discovery techniques, mindfulness, and personal growth and development. As a result, I discovered ways to prioritize my own mental well-being, understand what has been holding me back, and have created ways to challenge myself to reach my goals. 


I’m here to help you…


Discover who you are and how to become the best version of yourself that you can be. 

Develop a greater connection with your body and understand how and why you react as you do.  So you can choose to do something different.  

Empower you to make the changes that you need to make to move in the direction of your dreams confidently.  



If you are ready to take the first courageous step towards the life, you have been dreaming about, 
I have some resources that will help you! 

Three key components to a life worth living

Discovering Yourself 
book, journal, pen

Knowing yourself is a journey you take throughout your lifetime.  It brings you face-to-face with who you are.    

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Modern life is fast-paced and demanding.  Mindfulness helps ease our stress and anxiety and teaches us ways to be calmer and less reactive.    

Personal Growth & Development
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Life is a list of choices, and the more we know and understand ourselves, the better choices and growth opportunities can be seized.    

Who I Am 

I am a mom of two amazing girls who keep me busy with Cheer practices, games, and anything else they can think of.  I am the wife of a screw-ball husband that has me occasionally shaking my head and wondering, ‘Why?”  

When I am not busy with Courageous and Mindful, I work with folks in my community who are struggling with mental health.  And I also work with as a therapist.     

People in my life have described me as pretty calm, laid back, and easy to talk to, which is a good thing given my field.  I agree with all of those things and add that I possess a soul that will not settle.  I’m always interested in learning and experiencing new things.  Even things that used to scare me.  

I experienced an Existential Crisis a few years back that propelled me onto a path of discovery.  I am still on that path and have learned a lot about myself while also learning more.  I want to share with you something that I learned about myself and having a soul that will not settle.  The thought of giving up or never starting terrifies me more than failure will ever scare me.  

So, here I am.  Starting something new with no guarantee of success, and that’s okay because failure doesn’t scare me like it used to.