10 Fun and Simple Mindfulness Exercises – For a Happier You

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Here are some simple and fun mindfulness exercises that you can incorporate into your life now.  So, make sure you save this post so you can refer back to it later!   


There are many different ways to incorporate mindfulness into your life.  And it doesn’t have to take all that much time either. 

Here are some mindfulness exercises that can take as little time as walking to your vehicle or your mailbox and back. So with that in mind, here are 10 fun and simple mindfulness exercises that you can incorporate into your life even when you don’t have a lot of time.


This can be a great exercise to use when you need to ground yourself.  You can use these exercises in a variety of settings.  Whether you’re in a private place or a very public place, these exercises can be practiced anywhere.  They can also be done with eyes open or eyes closed. 

Mindful Sounds –

Notice what you can hear.  Are there sounds?  If so, are they near or far?  Try and notice when they begin and end and any gaps between the sounds.   

Try and not to judge the sounds.  Whether you find them to be pleasant or unpleasant.  But if you do, note it and mindfully refocus your attention back onto the sounds. 

Mindful Smells –

Notice what you can smell.  Do you smell coffee, flowers, or someone’s perfume or cologne?  Without judging those smells as pleasant or unpleasant, mindfully notice what you can smell.    

Mindful Sight –

This one does require you to have your eyes open.  Take a look at your surroundings and mindfully note what you see.  What colors are there?  How about texture, shape, or size?  Mindfully notice the details of what you see and do so without judgment.     

Mindful Touch –

Bring awareness to what you can feel. For example, can you feel the texture of your clothes against your skin?  Or the surface of the table against your hands or arms?  What about the air as it brushes across your skin? 

Mindful Taste –

Is there anything around you that you can taste?  And if so, mindfully become aware of it.  Does it taste sweet or bitter?  Salty or sour or perhaps savory?  If you don’t have anything to taste, are there smells in the air you could taste?   


This can be a simple exercise to do whether you are in a private place or a very public place.  Mindful breathing can be done in any place that breathing is allowed. First, focus your attention on your breath.  Now focus on your inhale and how it feels while your lungs expand.  Hold your breath for a few moments.  What does this feel like?  Now mindfully, focus your attention on the slow and deliberate exhale. 

Suppose you find your mind wandering while you are doing this.  Just make a note of it and refocus your awareness back on your breath. 


Focus your attention on your body.  You can choose any place that you would like to begin. For instance, you can start at your head and work down to your toes.  Or you can start at your toes and work your way up to your head.  Mindfully pay attention to how each area of your body feels as you begin your scan.  Do you notice any tension or tightness?  What about heaviness or tenderness?  Make a note of these areas. If you can, try and relax these areas and see if the sensations you noted change.  And if you can’t find some time in your day to do some self-care.  Whether that is applying an ice pack, taking a bath, or massaging those areas.  But find some time to take care of yourself.  Your body will thank you. 


You can easily practice this every time you walk to and from your vehicle.  Or every time you go and check the mail or get up and walk.  Mindful walking moves you from autopilot to being aware of your surroundings and how you are moving in them.    

Mindful walking is being aware of each step you take and your breath.  What does it feel like each time your foot reconnects with the ground?  How about the air as it moves across your skin with each step?  You can also incorporate the 5 SENSES OF MINDFULNESS EXERCISE while doing mindful walking. 


It is about being present and in the moment while exercising instead of distracting yourself through your exercise.  When you exercise mindlessly, you lose the magical moment when you become aware of your own strength and power. 

Mindful exercise can incorporate the 5 SENSES OF MINDFULNESS EXERCISE and MINDFUL BREATH.  When you are present and mindful during exercise, you improve the overall quality of your workouts.  You are more aware of what you are doing and getting the most out of your workout. 

Mindfulness Exercises


Hobbies, when done mindfully, can be a form of self-care and are great for reducing stress levels.  But sometimes, we engage in hobbies mindlessly and don’t find joy in them.  However, when you engage in hobbies mindfully, they can calm your mind. So, bring yourself into the present moment and grab your favorite hobby.  This can be coloring, painting, crafting, cooking, or anything you enjoy doing.  Just try and do it mindfully and let your hobbies do their magic.         


Sometimes the quiet that traditional forms of mindfulness can create can be difficult for some people.  If you happen to be that person, then mindful music may be the answer for you.  Listening to calming or soothing music can be a way to practice mindfulness. 

So, sit back and find something that you can enjoy.  Bring your attention into the moment.  Maybe pair it with MINDFUL BREATH or MINDFUL BODY SCAN and experience the music with your entire body.  Take notice of your thoughts, feelings, and how your body moves to the music.  


Can bring insight into thoughts and emotions.  Without judgment, explore what you think, feel and what makes you tick.  Mindful journaling creates a space for you to write for yourself.  To hang out with your thoughts and feelings while discovering more about yourself.   

What are your thoughts and feelings?  Do you have insight into yourself?  What do you dream about or find yourself trying to ignore?  Mindful journaling creates the space for you to explore these things and much more. 


Like MINDFUL BREATHING can bring a sense of peace, calm, and tranquility to your body and mind.  There are many guided meditations that you can find on Youtube and apps out there. 

Meditation can bring awareness to how you are feeling in the moment.  This is not about emptying your mind but being aware of what enters it. For example, slowing down your thoughts and viewing them with mindful curiosity. 


Is suspending judgment and exploring something with almost childlike curiosity.  Curiosity encourages you to experience the entirety of the situation instead of turning away from it.  Mindful curiosity encourages you to explore thoughts and feelings in new and different ways when you can suspend judgment. 

Mindful curiosity creates the space for insight and developing deeper connections within ourselves.  When you can sit with yourself with curiosity and compassion, you can discover truths about yourself that you have never known. 

I would love to hear from you about what Mindfulness exercises have worked for you!       

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